The new trend of project management in the cloud is setting the standard in many companies. If you need to unify your CRM platform, the professional Billage tool can be very useful …

The professional tool Billage unifies in a single platform a CRM, company invoicing and project management of a company.

Thus, one of the trends that the business market is following is to move the complete management of their businesses, or a part of it, to the cloud in order to achieve greater mobility, greater independence and, of course, be more competitive. Moving the management of a business to the cloud brings a series of immediate benefits that materialize, above all, in greater agility.

Within the world of tools that offer solutions in the cloud currently stands out the Billage free billing program , a tool with which you can carry out the complete management of the entire sales cycle, inventory management, grouping income and expenses in different lines of business. All this coupled with the possibility of creating invoices and managing their collection from anywhere in the world with just having an internet connection.

The advantages offered by this invoicing program, which has a free version for those who make less than 60 invoices a year , are making independent professionals, freelancers and marketing companies implement this IT solution to gain agility and efficiency, managing to correct thus the limited human resources that usually characterize them.

In addition, Billage offers other advantages over other billing programs, since the tool also has two other complementary solutions that allow you to take business management to the cloud . Specifically, these solutions are the Billage CRM with which you can do collaborative tasks, create business opportunities or create commercial campaigns quickly and easily, among others, and the project management tool with which you can organize tasks in Kanbans, record the hours worked by each user and record times , among other utilities.